Bertrand Renaudin

Duo Douö - Bertrand Renaudin - Olivier Cahours

Meeting the drums of Bertrand Renaudin.
The drums are a homeland.
The breath comes from afar.
I need this dialogue with Dante,my teacher and my friend.
Every man carries the earth under his feet.
Through music, I carry on my way and that’s the way I live at peace,
fulfilling my present desires while considering other possibilities.
Those who are capable of giving love see you to the threshold of silence,
then stay there, without taking another step forward.
Dante knew how to be one of them.
The truth is so weak.
Every time I think of him, a bright sun goes to my head.
Hope spreads out its sail.
Like him, I bet on the joy of digging into life.

Bertrand Renaudin

Was born in Nantes in 1955. He started classical studies at the Conservatory of Rennes
in 1968 and was one of Dante Agostini and Kenny Clarke’s first students. Discovered
jazz in the seventies through, among others, Eddy Louis,René Thomas and Kenny Clarke Trio.
Was awarded the Prize at “Concours National de la Défense” ( with his quartet) in 1988.
Has exclusively devoted his time to his own creations since 1989, except for an experience with
Steve Potts Quartet (1988-1991) and an outstanding participation  in Jean-Charles Capon
Quartet (1997-1999). 
Passionately fond of journeys, of botany, of encounters whose influences give his compositions
specific colours, he has been on tour abroad many times under his own name. He has travelled
the Middle East, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, the Occupied Territories, but also the Balkans, Macedonia,
Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, Ireland, the USA and above all Africa.

Since 1993, he has regularly stayed in different countries of this continent so as to carry
out projects close to his heart.  As he is a noble-hearted man, he dedicates his pieces to his friends,
to those who live elsewhere, to the continents, in short to human experiences without which
he would not be.
After having released about 30 records, he won the public’s recognition with THE TRAVELLING
2005 and CHÂTEAU ROUGE in 2009.
His latest DVD in DOUÖ with Olivier Cahours on guitar, the development of his solo concerts, as
well as the Château Rouge band confirm the international enthusiasm for this outstanding musician.

Discography From 1991