Château Rouge

Cyril Prévost · Yves Torchinsky · Thierry Bonneaux  · Bertrand Renaudin

Here, the music begins as soon as you come out
of the Château Rouge metro station; Africa in the
street and in the heart of Paris. While talking to
each other, they burst out laughing and gesticulate
a lot. It takes place in the 18th arrondissement on
the Butte Montmartre hillside.
It is a festive pictoriality of the Goutte d’Or
neighbourhood.  Both motley and cosmopolitan,
any kind of music is welcome. At the Dejean market,
the fruits and spices also sing with the women that
sell them.

There!!! I meet all my friends, from all over Africa. ‘We are together’ they say,
before leaving…
I have taken my music to 27 African countries and I still have 25 countries left to tour.
So much the better...

Château Rouge was named after the small castle, also called ‘Château Rouge’. It was built
for Gabrielle d’Estrées then became a dance hall and was demolished in 1875.
Today, in Château Rouge, any musical genre can be found at any hour of the day (or night).


Title: Château Rouge
Year of production: 2009