« BAC(k) in time »

Created in 2000 by Normann [vocals] and Alcatraz [guitars], CRACKMIND take the time to seriously elaborate
their musical project. During 5 years, the band learns to work in a self-sufficient way, building its own studio
and getting familiar with the sound techniques and the graphic production. In 2006, after 3 demos and several
changes, the line-up stabilizes with the addition of Lloxan [guitars] who brings another strong brick in the wall
of guitars and Lumber Jack [drums] who makes the rhythm section sound stronger. In 2007, CRACKMIND
release their 1st album, « Call MIND-1-1 ».

« Call MIND-1-1 »

With « Call MIND-1-1 », CRACKMIND set up the basis: a powerful, dynamic, melodic and always catchy
music with deep sound, tight riffing and leads, intense rhythm and a strong and emotionnal voice. From the 70’s
to Hard-Rock, from Grunge to Metal, the band merges all the rock energies to develop its own style. With the
first 1000 units, the record meets an enthusiastic response and draws increasing attention for the band from the
audiences and the professionnals. The album is distributed by several detailers in France with Great Dane
Records, is available for shipping with the european label Brennus-Music and is digitally available on the classic
virtual shops with Wild Palm Music. After 8 months, the album is sold out! 1000 more units are released at the
beginning of 2008 and the projects get bigger. The band plays South-America (Ecuador) in february on an
incredible festival in front of an 8000-people-energetic crowd.


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« A Rose May Fly… »

Since May, it’s now with Max on bass that CRACKMIND continue to develop their sound. In september 2008,
the band releases its new Ep, a direct “straight-in-your-face” record called « A Rose May Fly… ». With 1000
units released, this disc strengthens the positive impression created by « Call MIND-1-1 » and allows the new
member to find his place. It also mainly prepares the production of « Born Again Crackmind » and announces
its release.

« BAC(k) to basics »

Technology transformed the way to record, produce and spread music. In 2009, two possibilities seem to come
up. The first one favours a « computer-oriented » production and an internet diffusion with mp3 files. The
second one gets back to the basics… As some of the most respected bands like Slayer, Mastodon or Metallica,
CRACKMIND opt for a powerful but still natural production and a diffusion that specially considers the object.
In full conscience of this choice and with confidence, the band asks to two growing talents in France to work on
« Born Again Crackmind ». Olivier T’Servrancx (Electrik Box - Black Bomb A, Darkness Dynamite,…) takes
care of the recording duty and Rémy Deliers (Addhenteam - Gojira, Demians, Darkness Dynamite…) is chosen
to mix and master the album.