Hellcoholic Tour 2k9 - The Bill

MÖRGLBL - Fusion - Annecy - FR
Mörglbl obtained an international recognition with their 2 first releases "Ze Mörglbl Trio !!" (1998) & "Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land" (1999). 
After a break, Mörglbl returned with a new album "Grötesk" released on the american label Laser's Edge for a world-wide distribution in 2007. 
In 2008 Laser's Edge released a compilation of the 2 first records called "Toon tunes from the past".

On stage, the band is nearly a telepathic connection, playing through the powerful metal and the finest jazz with an omnipresent groove and humour (their trademark).
The band is often compared to Primus meeting Steve Vai and Alan Holdsworth, under the friendly eye of Franck Zappa...

In 2009 MÖRGLBL will present the 4th studio album under Laser's Edge titled "Jazz for the Deaf".


Ze Mörglbl Trio !! - 1998 - Album
Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land - 1999 - Album
Grötesk - 2007 - Album
Toon Tunes From The Past - 2008 - 2 Album
Jazz For The Deaf - 2009 - Album

X-Vision - Metal - Metz - FR
Since 1998, X-VISION's music hasn't stopped progressing & maturing, mixing death, hardcore, trash, a fraction of grind and many other ingredients from every other type of music they listen to, they created a unique, powerful and intense metal played with flawless precision and extreme sincerity.

X-Vision's have played many gigs in France and Europe with bands such as ANTHRAX, PRONG, GOJIRA, and in festivals like the Furyfest (w/ SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, MEGADETH), The Eurockeennes de Belfort (w/ SLIPKNOT, KORN, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), the Dour Festival (Belgium, w/ WALLS OF JERICHO, OOMPH!).

'So Close, So Far', is an album that is organic, warmer sounding and with lyrics (dealing with topics such as pollution, animal massacre, loss of humanity…) that house a clear political undertow, and from this the press and X-Visions fans recognize they've never been so emotionally involved in what they are writing and playing.

X-Vision have had great great reviews from Major European magazines such as Rocksound,Rockone,Hard and Heavy (France), and major fanzine-webzines...who all agreed that this album was about to be a huge piece in the band’s career. And they were right! A massive European tour to support the realease, including several support slots for long-time famous acts such as SEPULTURA and MINISTRY.


Confused - 2002 - Evolution Prod / Musicast- Album
Time of the New Slavery - 2004 - Evolution Prod / Slalom Music / Night&Day - Album
So Close So Far - 2007 - Evolution Prod / Dirty 8 / Nocturne - Album

MYSTER MÖBIUS - Transrock - Thionville - FR
Impressive and explosive, this Franco-Hungarian quatuor is composed of :
- Janos Hegedus : bass (ex Masfel bass player)
- Ben Costantini : guitar
- Bastien Champenois : drums and machines
- Brigitte Kull : Videos
- Gérald Mole : Sound

The music that was born of Myster Möbius in January 2004 is an endless loop in which amazing and timeless universes are crossing and mixing. From rock to electro, Myster Möbius takes the listeners to a parallel world, into a hypnotic trance or into the spinning motion of a tribal dance.

They played with: JMPZ, Orange Blossom, DOOG, Transfensch, Miss Goulash, MASS, Le Singe Blanc, Aghostino, Chiki liki tu-a (SK), Masfel (H), Alexandre Tripodi Quartet, La casa bancale, Karpatské chrbaty (SK), Dalla mattina alla sera (SK), Tegnaputan (H), DJ Cadik (H), Deti Picasso (Ru), Koraï öröm (H), Osteti, Los Living Dead...

They played at: SZIGET FESTIVAL BUDAPEST 2008 Scène A38 (Hu) - La Niche (Sélection Tremplin national du Chien à Plumes-52) - Slovak TV (Bratislava SK) - L'autre Canal (Nancy-54) - Festival mix'o matos Confort Moderne (Poitiers-86) - BABAKAN FESTIVAL 2008 (Banska Bystrica-SK) - Festival Alunissons à St Hilaire (Vendée) - CHRISTIANIA KLUB (Présov-SK) - La Zone (Liège-Be) - HANNA HANNA FESTIVAL 2008 (Kolarovo Guta-SK) - Rock'n'mix festival de l'Entrepôt (Arlon-Be) - GÖDÖR KLUB BUDAPEST (Hu) - FESTIVAL Le BAL (IGE-71) - A 38 (Budapest) - L'Austrasique (Nancy) - Fête de la Musique 2005/2006 (Thionville) - Subclub (Bratislava-SK) - Actor'scafé festival (Metz) - Jatclub (Szeged-Hu) - 20 ans du Gueulard (Nilvange-57) - V Klub Médiawave festival (Présov-SK) - Les Trinitaires (Metz) - St André treize voies (85) - Starapekaren (Nitra-SK) - Boulibatsch Festival (57) - Vrobvé (SK) - Festival " Liv'in Cor" (Cornimont-88) - Vrable (SK) - Rhalala Festival (Nancy) - FIMU Festival (Belfort-90) - Festival Zik@metz -...

Tour in Slovakia and Hungary in August 2008 and March-April 2007.

Crackmind - Heavy Rock - Lille - FR
Born in 2000, after 8 years of existence, 3 demos and several line-up changes, Crackmind releases “Call MIND-1-1” in april 2007.
This 8-tracks Power-Rock album is a big step forward. In 2006, the addition of Lloxan (lead guitars) brings another strong brick in the wall of guitars while Lumber Jack’s drumming approach makes the rhythm section sound stronger. As for all its recordings, Crackmind used the “Do It Yourself” way to produce the record, with Alcatraz (guitars) taking the audio production duty and Normann (vocals) the graphic one.
“Call MIND-1-1” reveals a powerful , dynamic, melodic and always catchy music with deep sound, tight riffing and leads, intense rhythm and a strong and emotionnal voice. From the 70’s to Hard-Rock, from Grunge to Metal, Crackmind merges all the rock energies to develop its own style: Power-Rock.

With the first 1000 units, the record meets an enthusiastic response and draws increasing attention for the band from the audiences and the professionnals. The album is quickly distributed by several detailers in France, by the european heavy-music label Brennus-Music, and is digitally available on many virtual shops thanks to Wild
Palm Music (Virgin, Fnac…).
By the end of 2007, after 8 months of stage-presence and pure-rock energy spread, “Call MIND-1-1” is sold out.
1000 more units are released in the beginning of 2008 and the projects get bigger. The band plays South-America (Ecuador) in february on an incredible festival in front of an 8000-people-energetic crowd. Crackmind is also confirmed to play the famous “Fête de l’Humanité” in Paris in September. When the band is not on stage, it’s working on the writing of his next efforts.
Since May, it’s now with Max on bass that Crackmind continues to develop its sound. In september 2008, the band releases its new Ep, a direct “straight-in-your-face” record called “A Rose May Fly…”. This 4-tracks Cd is a first step to an ambitious album planned for 2009 and for which the band is searching for partners.


Call MIND-1-1 - 2007 - Album
A Rose May Fly… - 2008 - 4-tracks

My Only Scenery - Screamo Hardcore - Metz - FR
Since the creation of the band in 2005, MY ONLY SCENERY offers a Metal Hardcore/Progressive which evolves in the way of a sensitive, energetic, unpredictable and determined human being could.
With sincerity, and aware of anything life can put on their way, these four musicians use powerful/frenzied rythms mixed up with dark and aerial guitars and a stroking and heartrending voice that links everything together for creating, in a luminous ending, their own musical landscape.

But it's on stage that M.O.S reveals his whole potential. Each performance is unique, spontaneous, energetic and intense.The band has confirmed this playing more than a hundred of shows.
During Spring 2008, M.O.S release his first EP called "Begin To Walk...", produced by Christophe Edrich from X-vision. MY ONLY SCENERY is planning on releasing their first full-lentgh record for early 2010.
In the meantime the goal is to do shows, shows and more shows! And the band is determined to keep this as a priority for his musical and human evolution: to share his universe all across Europe and beyond...Constantly learning...

Far Plain - Rock/Metal - Paris - FR


Back in 2005, returning from a long "Wild" journey in England, Will Attewell gathers the foundation of the Farplain project.  He quickly starts to write a couple
of songs tinted of grungy sounds reminding the 90s atmosphere, resonating with inner feelings he went through.

Briding the somewhat realistically rough musical atmosphere of the 90s with a sound of clean energy, Farplain uses its music as a tool for hope in just sharing together
what is essential.

In 2006, he introduces then his project to a friend, Jeff Alcaras, founder of the band Vrihani and sound engineer.  Sharing the same vision of life and fed by the same musical intentions, they put their collaboration in harmonized motion right away.
The real adventure starts in March 2008, with a demo recorded at the "Studio de la côte", and Will begins to search for a real line up.

After some working session, Guillaume Jockey from the Four Horsemen, Marileen ex-Hide & sick and Fred Beauvais from Nutshell are composing Farplain.

In June 2008, the band gathers to make an album with production company FAM, Phil Alcaras becomes the producer.
His long experience in the business and the management helped definitively the project to raise itself to a higher level.
They're now ready with their debut album PORTAE LVCIS to hit the road and spread this spiritual sound!


PORTAE LVCIS - 2008 - Album (FAM)

Firewalkwithme - Hardcore - Arlon - BE
Coming from Arlon since 2003 Firewalkwithme delivers a strong and melodic Metalcore.
Following thir first 3 titles demo in 2004, the band shared the stage with some famous belgian bands as Deviate, Arkangel but also Kontre2, Defdump, Nervous Chillin, Dogmeat, Smash my radio, Hit the ghost...

In 2009, Firewalkwithme wants to hit the road in support of their first autoproduced album titled "Firewalkwithme" and recorded in "The Jack Studio" .


Firewalkwithme - 2009 - Album

Silent - Rock/Metal - Namur - BE


Since the first stages in 2005, Silent is become a huge reference in the belgian metal area.

Touching smooth and floating atmosphere, exploring brutal sounds, it is very difficult to classify this band coming from Namur.

Their First album titled "Five a.m." officialy released the 25th of October 2008, is in harmony with the band, a true paradox.  Dense and full of deepest feelings the oppressive universe describing Silent affect everybody.

Don't wait to listen "Five a.m."


Five a.m. - 2008 - Album 

The Link - Metalcore - Bruxelles - BE
The Link was born near the end of 2007, emerging from a few Brussel based musicians willing to create, innovate and complete the belgian underground scene.
But that doesn't really matter.

The Link matured , evolved and is working hard every single day to make itself strong and mature, brick after brick. Its architects are Nico, Jp, John, Greg and Mike surrounded by a few friends, pushing them ahead.
But that doesn't really matter.

The Link is a self produced band, unsigned and wishing to play live. Again, again and again, despite the weather, the conditions, the mood, the obstacles, the critics and the doubts.
But that doesn't really matter actually.

The point is that the Link wants to see your head banging, eyes closing up, sweat and smile when listening to their sound, live or from their recordings.

The Link wants to share pure energy with you all and send shivers down your spines.
THAT does matter.

Benoît Martiny Band - Alternative Jazz - Rameldange - GDL

Formed in 2004 the Benoit Martiny Band's roots are in a room in a garage in the small village Rameldange. Here through the years drummer Benoit Martiny developed with his bandmates an original musical style, that draws its identity from the composite background of the musicians, ranging from jazz and blues to garage rock, trash, experimental noise.

During the process of refining its style and finding the definitive line-up, the band released "Jazz goes Garage" in 2005, under a local label.

Having decided that the label's conditions where unsatisfactory, the band decided to release their new effort on Quinto Quarto. The cd, that has been recorded in Brussels, is been called simply "Benoit Martiny Band" as the band considers it the most representative introduction to their work.

BMB is the 1st prize winner of the 2008 Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award, and has been performing in many different venues in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, France, Belgium, Italy (...Amersfoort Jazz(NL)-Jazzwerk/Ulm(D), Cite Universitaire/Paris(FR)-d:qliq/Luxembourg(LU)-Kavka/Antwerpen(BE)-Abbaye Neumuenster-Luxembourg(LU)-De Doelen/Rotterdam(NL)-Ancien Cinema/Vianden(LU)-Scheldejazz/Terneuzen(NL)- Bluesexpress Festival/Differdange(LU)-Senhor do Bonfim/Nervi(IT) JazzLand/Nagykanizsa(HU) etc...)

The song "Seriously Damaged" will be featured on the "EUROPAVOX" May 2009 CD-Compilation and on the "Rock for Life" Quickstar Productions CD-Compilation.


Jazz goes Garage  - 2005 - WPR - Album
Benoît Martiny Band - 2008 - Quinto Quarto - Album

Kitshikers - Alternative Metal - Luxembourg - GDL
The music of the "Kitshickers" is reduced to the essential - an "interesting contrast between sound worlds on many levels, complex arranged songs and minimalistic-intimistic riffs". Their music is not easily accessible to everyone but who can lie back, can let the music work und is not caught in the simplicity of the mainstream, discovers a new world - the sound galaxy of the "Kitshickers". After having replaced their drummer and bass player in early 2005, a new era begins for the Kitshickers and they seem to have found their ideal line-up. Several tours accross Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland), loads of gigs and several releases can't be wrong. ……cause music is the issue


1997 Kitshickers s/t 5 track demo K7/Tape
1998 One more demo – album K7/Tape
1999 Mental Rape - Album
2001 The Kitshickers Guide to the Galaxy - Album
2003 Armée de l’air – from the known to the unknown – Album
2006 ...so that's the miracle of life - Album
2008 The Orion Constellation - Album
various appearances on compilations: Bloe Baaschtert, Backline Made in
Luxembourg 2000 + 2004, Winged Skull Sampler 1+2, Kufa Sampler, Rockhal
Sampler, Midem Sampler and some more accross Europe.