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CAI - Back at RICOrding Studios! - Day 1

posted 21 Jun 2015, 08:26 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 21 Jun 2015, 08:26 ]

CAI reported the following statement on their website:

Hell Folks!

It's great to give you some feedback about our studio sessions. 
Due to the agenda of the studio and musicians we are a bit late 
that's why it's a real pleasure to share with you some info about 
what's coming next.  We scheduled to record drums Saturday 
and Sunday and Jeff made it perfectly in a single afternoon Saturday.  
t sounds great, I would like to share some of the breaks he played 
Saturday, amazing!!!  To fit the new tunes we changed the drum kit, 
replacing the Mapex we used for the recording session of GaAaB by 
a Tama with a subkick in front of the bass drum, the result is really 
LOUD and FAT!!     
John is scheduled to record his bass lines at the beginning of July 
just before the studio close a couple of weeks for summer holidays. 

Stay tuned!

CAI Entering Studio June 19th 2015

posted 16 Jun 2015, 02:51 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 16 Jun 2015, 02:51 ]

The belgian metal band is entering Rico'rding studio in Luxembourg 
June 19th to start the recording of 3 new songs Mars Blast Waves, 
Alienophobia and Classic Alien Invasion.  The release of these songs is 
scheduled for September 2015.  The band released its first song GaAaB 
October 2014 followed by Cosmos Family Values and Alien Number One.
May 27th 2015 GaAaB music video has been released as a tribute to the 
sci-fi Z-Movies. 

GaAaB Broadcasted on Heavy Metal Television

posted 29 May 2015, 02:25 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 29 May 2015, 02:25 ]

Heavy Metal Television, a live television station, streaming worldwide 24 hours a day in hi-def video and hi-fi audio.

The channel brings the classic MTV format back to life with band’s such as JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN as well as newer bands like FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and SHINEDOWN.

The format plays conceptual videos presented by young VJs with short segments of rock news and interviews sprinkled throughout with heavy metal promos of all kinds driving the content. Concerts will be shown Saturday nights.  Follow the shows at this @ :

Classic Alien Invasion air times are Pacific Standard Time written below:
Friday 5/29/15  - 9am, 5pm PST
Saturday 5/30/15  - 1am, 9am, 5pm PST
Sunday 5/31/15  - 1am, 9am, 5pm PST

CAI - GaAaB Music Video

posted 28 May 2015, 04:39 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 28 May 2015, 04:40 ]

Classic Alien Invasion's music video GaAaB has been released May 27th 2015. 
The song is a tribute to the Z-movies of the 50s and 60s, directors like Ed Wood.  
The video is a brew of Z sci-fi movies, psychedelic effects and band's moments.  
Directed by Tom and Nuke of Badass Yogi Productions was shot partially at 
Fourneau St-Michel in Belgium, an outdoor museum composed of old buildings, 
dismantled in their original village and reconstructed on the field.  

The band is entering at RICOrding Studios in Luxembourg in June to work on 3 new tracks titled: Mars Blast Waves, Classic Alien Invasion and Alienophobia.

BMB's 10 Years Anniversary Party

posted 19 Mar 2015, 03:17 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 19 Mar 2015, 03:17 ]

BMB's 10 Years Anniversary Party will take place
at De Gudde Wëllen in Luxembourg May 29th. 

Tick this date in your agenda, more info about
this special evening soon.

De Gudde Wëllen 17,  rue du Saint Esprit

Stay Tuned!

CAI Music Available From Veromuse

posted 13 Mar 2015, 01:46 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 13 Mar 2015, 01:46 ]

At its core Veromuse is a mobile social music app that helps emerging and up and coming artists find a platform to connect with music fans. Various functionalities serve as vehicles for facilitating music discovery, sharing and interacting. Veromuse enables artists to unite with fans and to collaborate with other artists, while promoting fans to share music. Veromuse is a space where the art of music is nurtured and celebrated, where the creative spark is kept alive and artists gain recognition they deserve in an organic and natural way.

This new app is available today!
It's always cool to be part of the launch of a new venture.
Don't know what it will happen for this new Music App but we wish them all the best!

Download app from Google Play

Or Apple Store…/veromuse-discover-m…/id902441687…

BMB to Play South America

posted 22 Feb 2015, 23:52 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 22 Feb 2015, 23:52 ]

Jazz-Rock lovers of South America,
BMB will be on tour in September 2015 on the continent. 
Some festival appearances are scheduled. 
More info to come, Stay tuned. 

BMB has just released live album "Are You Isolated? Live at Melusina"
in HD Audio, MP3, DVD and VoD. 

Are You Isolated? - HD Audio Digital Release

posted 16 Feb 2015, 05:36 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 16 Feb 2015, 05:36 ]

Fans of Psychedelic-Jazz-Rock, BMB's live album Are you Isolated?
is available in HD Audio or MP3 now!

Free with the purchase of the DVD until March 15th! Check it out!
Check it out at our Digital Store!

Are You Isolated? has been recorded and engineered by Thibault Gaye
at Studio Hautregard, Chaineux.
Coverdesign by Philippe Braun for XCOOP and Remi Corsin for BYP.

Are You Isolated? in HD Audio February 15th

posted 28 Jan 2015, 01:01 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 28 Jan 2015, 01:01 ]

Friends of psychedelic Jazz-Rock,
BMB's Are You Isolated? will be released
in HD audio from our Nimbit Storefront
February 15th. Stay tuned!

BMB's Are You Isolated? Rent The Footage!

posted 15 Dec 2014, 06:24 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 15 Dec 2014, 06:24 ]

From VHX the live footages of BMB are available for rent.
30 days to start your rental, then watch the different films
of the package as much as you want for 72 hours.

Find all products information on :

-Benoit Martiny Band - Live At Melusina: 2$
-Benoit Martiny Band - Are You Isolated? - Live At Melusina - Bonus Edition: 3$

-Benoit Martiny Band - Live At Melusina: 8$
-Benoit Martiny Band - Are You Isolated? - Live At Melusina - Bonus Edition: 12$

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