CAI - Back at RICOrding Studios! - Day 1

posted 21 Jun 2015, 08:26 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 21 Jun 2015, 08:26 ]
CAI reported the following statement on their website:

Hell Folks!

It's great to give you some feedback about our studio sessions. 
Due to the agenda of the studio and musicians we are a bit late 
that's why it's a real pleasure to share with you some info about 
what's coming next.  We scheduled to record drums Saturday 
and Sunday and Jeff made it perfectly in a single afternoon Saturday.  
t sounds great, I would like to share some of the breaks he played 
Saturday, amazing!!!  To fit the new tunes we changed the drum kit, 
replacing the Mapex we used for the recording session of GaAaB by 
a Tama with a subkick in front of the bass drum, the result is really 
LOUD and FAT!!     
John is scheduled to record his bass lines at the beginning of July 
just before the studio close a couple of weeks for summer holidays. 

Stay tuned!