Martha J. Last Reviews (Harlem Nocturne)

posted 28 Feb 2012, 05:10 by Badass YogiProd
“Martha J. is not only a marvelous singer with a lovely instrument and delivery, but also a
substantial song lyricist, writing with grace and subtle eloquence. She found a perfect collaborator
in pianist and composer Francesco Chebat... “ - Mark Stevens, Piano and All That Jazz Radio

"... an extraordinary sensibility, a perfect control of the voice that gives great emotions (...) one of
the most gifted and refined vocalists of our jazz/folk/fusion scene." - Gianni Zuretti, L'isola che non

“…such lightness in singing the most complex harmonies. The tone of her voice fascinates - each
phrase and tone is
graded to a perfection and enabled us to understand contemporary jazz music... She was above all
the star of The Sixth
International Festival and a lady whose subtle performance, expressive behaviour on the stage will
be long
remembered.” Dr. Sc. Nino Zubčević, Croatian Association for Science, Arts and Culture.

" explosion of freshness, of vocal skill and great professionalism, together with a talent that no
school can teach..." G. Candiano - TG com

"... a balladeuse with deep sensibility, confidential phrasing, a smooth feeling and a natural
elegance." Bruno Schiozzi, Musica Jazz

"Martha J. is a natural in classic jazz fittings with a smooth melodic mannerism reminiscent of
Edith Piaf and the vivacious swing-jazz incisions of Jane Monheit..." - JazzTimes

"Sheer loveliness, Italian-born vocalist/goddess Martha J. has the dulcet pitch of Petula Clark, the
bedroomy-eye timbres of Lena Horne, and the exquisite nuances reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald." -
Susan Frances,