Sydney-based band Kunvuk was formed in 2002 with the intent to create honest, confounding and unpredictably unique heavy music. Combining a fiercely independent spirit with the intensity of the vision created by David Hart (lead guitar, vocals), Simon Edwards (rhythm guitar, vocals), Luis Barra (bass) and Trina Tuffy (drums) the result is a breed of unhinged metal that is exploding with colour, illness and energy. With musical comparisons to System of a Down, Pantera, Lamb of God and Mr Bungle, they tackle complex themes that revolve around the insanity and desperation of our everyday struggles and the unfolding complications of the human condition.
In 2010 the band released their long-awaited debut album “Immute: Jackals”. Completely self-funded, the album was recorded over a two year period in the band’s own Shadow Mekanik Studios. Taking on the role of engineer and producer, “Immute: Jackals” was recorded and mixed by founding member Hart.  As he explains, “We had to create this record on our own terms and completely independently.  Who else would exercise this much patience and care to make this record everything it needed to be?  We tore everything apart and rebuilt sounds over and over again, fording disaster after disaster.  This record is a witness to our unbreakable will and years of hard work.”
Once the band were finally satisfied with the album mastering duties were handled by the
legendary Rick O’Neil (FAITH NO MORE, GRINSPOON, BOB DYLAN) of Turtlerock Mastering who took the album above and beyond the band’s expectations.
“It was extremely important for us to make bold and terrifying claims on this record and Rick really crystallised our sound and translated it incredibly into something we are truly proud of,” says Hart.
The peculiar album title, conjuring up archaic language and wild scavengers, is bound up in the central philosophy of the band. “Immute means to alter or change” says Hart.
“It refers to a question we are posing in relation to ourselves as sentient beings. Do we have the capacity to change our own fundamental behaviour or are we imprisoned by our genes and the environment that we are thrown in to. We want to lay bare the emotional and intellectual damage that results from any attempt to break from what is encoded in our flesh.  So how does the Jackal reflect the concept of Immute? “
On the other side of this questioning of potential and its ramifications is the Jackal.
A jackal can be someone who does not have the ability to question their nature, realise its
consequence or potentially act out to immute their existence. Due to this ignorance or lack of will, the Jackal will feed, manipulating and living through each person it comes in contact with, trying to create a reality where that questioning does not exist. A reality in which original thought dies and the incapable person becomes obsessed by their own irrelevance.” A drastic and all-encompassing scope for an album and band to approach to say the least.

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Kunvuk - Hypochondriac

Kunvuk - Immune