Martha J.

" explosion of freshness, of vocal skill and great professionalism, together with a talent that no school can teach..."
G. Candiano - TGcom

"... a balladeuse with deep sensibility, confidential phrasing, a smooth feeling and a natural elegance."
Bruno Schiozzi, Musica Jazz

"... Martha J. is a natural in classic jazz fittings with a smooth melodic mannerism reminiscent of Edith Piaf and the vivacious swing-jazz incisions of Jane Monheit... with the eloquent strokes of someone born to sing jazz...."
Susan Frances,

"Sheer loveliness, Italian-born vocalist/goddess Marth J has the dulcet pitch of Petula Clark, the bedroomy-eye timbres of Lena Horne, and the exquisite nuances reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald..."
Susan Frances,


Martha starts her career in Milan (Italy), playing guitar and singing songs of american artists, such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and english folk songs (Pentangle).

In 1988 she starts the pop group Proxima, with Andrea Majocchi and Alberto Deponti.

In 1990 she takes part in San Remo Music Festival and records 2 CDs for EMI and RTI Music, takes part in many radio, TV shows and gives concerts in Italy and abroad  (Italian Celebration, Toronto, Canada).

In 1995 she starts the group Cloud Nine. She recorded a CD titled “Tattoo My Soul”, with songs written by her and Andrea Majocchi in a fusion of new age music and Celtic influences

From 1999 Martha J. turns to jazz music and starts playing in jazz clubs, festivals and events.

In 2004 she wins Lifegate Musicstarter Contest, Lifegate Radio and in 2005 she is invited to sing in Carol Sudhalter's new CD: Shades of Carol.
She takes part in Dubidubidù, the first italian radio festival of jazz voices, hosted by Bruno Pollacci on Punto Radio ( -
She is the singer of Seven O Nine, the big band of Teatro Comunale, Casalpusterlengo (Lo).

In 2008, Martha J. releases 2 CDs: "That's it" (with Francesco Chebat, piano - Roberto Piccolo, double bass - Stefano Bertoli, drums) and "No one but you" (with Francesco Chebat, piano)



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