Myster Möbius

Myster Möbius

The music that was born of Myster Möbius in January 2004 is an endless loop in which amazing and timeless universes are crossing and mixing. From rock to electro, Myster Möbius takes the listeners to a parallel world, into a hypnotic trance or into the spinning motion of a tribal dance.

Line Up
Impressive and explosive, this Franco-Hungarian quatuor is composed of :
Bass and NS/Stick
HEGEDÜS Janos : ex bassist and founder of MASFEL (Budapest) he recorded 7 albums and toured in Europe playing in Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Milan.
He shared the stage with Ramstein, Muse, Motorhead... In France with La Phaze, Zenzile, Kaophonic Tribu, Lofofora …
Janos works in collaboration with painters, and compose short film and theater musics.
COSTANTINI Benjamin : studied guitar in Music Academy International (MAI) in Nancy.   He played also in the band LES OUVRIERS DU TRASH
(free music) and TRANSFENSCH (experimental rock).
Drums and Prog
CHAMPENOIS Bastien came in the music attracted by the improvisation.  Studied with René Leborgne and played drums from Rock to Afrobeat and joined the Nancy
Jazz Academy.  He drums also in the improvisation quartet AEUHW.
KULL Brigitte : Painter and video editor, she exposes her work since 1994 between Vence et
Bruxelles. Solos or with an artist collective, she participated in SAGA in Paris and in ST’Art in Strasbourg.
Myster Möbius Live

They played with: JMPZ, Orange Blossom, DOOG, Transfensch, Miss Goulash, MASS, Le Singe Blanc, Aghostino, Chiki liki tu-a (SK), Masfel (H), Alexandre Tripodi Quartet, La casa bancale, Karpatské chrbaty (SK), Dalla mattina alla sera (SK), Tegnaputan (H), DJ Cadik (H), Deti Picasso (Ru), Koraï öröm (H), Osteti, Los Living Dead...

They played at: SZIGET FESTIVAL BUDAPEST 2008 Scène A38 (Hu) - La Niche (Sélection Tremplin national du Chien à Plumes-52) - Slovak TV (Bratislava SK) - L'autre Canal (Nancy-54) - Festival mix'o matos Confort Moderne (Poitiers-86) - BABAKAN FESTIVAL 2008 (Banska Bystrica-SK) - Festival Alunissons à St Hilaire (Vendée) - CHRISTIANIA KLUB (Présov-SK) - La Zone (Liège-Be) - HANNA HANNA FESTIVAL 2008 (Kolarovo Guta-SK) - Rock'n'mix festival de l'Entrepôt (Arlon-Be) - GÖDÖR KLUB BUDAPEST (Hu) - FESTIVAL Le BAL (IGE-71) - A 38 (Budapest) - L'Austrasique (Nancy) - Fête de la Musique 2005/2006 (Thionville) - Subclub (Bratislava-SK) - Actor'scafé festival (Metz) - Jatclub (Szeged-Hu) - 20 ans du Gueulard (Nilvange-57) - V Klub Médiawave festival (Présov-SK) - Les Trinitaires (Metz) - St André treize voies (85) - Starapekaren (Nitra-SK) - Boulibatsch Festival (57) - Vrobvé (SK) - Festival " Liv'in Cor" (Cornimont-88) - Vrable (SK) - Rhalala Festival (Nancy) - FIMU Festival (Belfort-90) - Festival Zik@metz ...Tours in Slovakia and Hungary between March and April 2007 and in August 2008.


Title: 1
Year of production: 2010