Tour Management

Activities Handled

Produce a budget for the tour based on: 

  • The estimated income for each show
  • The costs for crew wages
  • Accommodation (hotel & hospitality)
  • Transports
  • Equipment renting (sound, lighting and video equipment)
  • Administrative duties 
  • Rehearsals expenses

Advancing & Tour Book
  • Ensure with promoters and venues that the technical rider and hospitality demands are met
  • Edit a tour book to be distributed to the band and crew
  • Follow up to the promoter and venues about the promotion of the concert

On the road
The job on the road workload include:

  • Managing accommodation administration and schedules 
  • Managing transport administration and schedules
  • Managing band setup, sound check    
  • Managing promotional activities
  • Managing touring equipments and back line
  • Managing band and crew day to day schedules  
  • Managing financial reporting