Tric Trac Trio


In April 2009, Pirly Zurstrassen composed 7 songs inspired by the texts from Jacques Stenberg,
belgian writer of fantasy, for Operation "I read in my town."
Pirly contacted Wouter Roggemans to work this new music and ideas.
Musically, the evidence was it must be three musicians to find the musical balance.
Then he involved Julien Delbrouck a young musician playing the baritone sax and bass clarinet,
whose role is twofold, to be the melodist and the bassist.
The first performance of Tric Trac Trio took placeat the Aquilone in Liege February 14, 2010.

Concerts Tric Trac Trio are opened, festive and interactive.

Tric Trac Trio

ulien Delbrouck: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Born in Brussels in 1987, Julien Delbrouck begins with the classical alto saxophone the academy at age.
At 18, he joined at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons in the class of Michel Mergny but only for a year.
Very interested and active in jazz for several years he decided to return at the Brussel Royal Conservatory
in jazz section in the class of Steve Houben where he stayed during 4 years to obtain a Master in Teaching.
By entering the academy, he discovered baritone sax and instantly developed a passion for this magnificent
instrument.   Gerry Mulligan, John Surman, Gary Smulyan and Lars Gullin are his major influences.
He also meets the bass clarinet he has practiced it for some years.

He participated in several musical projects: "Saxodéons! "(Duet with accordionist Thibault
Dille), "Klezmamo" (klezmer band) 1 CD, "Binomial" (sax duo), and of course "TricTrac Trio"
(with Pirly Zurstrassen and Wouter Roggemans).

Wouter Roggemans: percussion

After several years of flute, Wouter enters at the age of 18 at the Academy Gretry to study the percussions and attends
later to the Conservatory of Liège where he works with Michel Massot, Jean-Pierre Peuvion, Vincent Royer and Garrett List.

More recently, he studied with Bruno and Stefan Pougin Catellucci and participated in various training such as "Klezmic Zirkus",
"Bong Luna" (jazz quintet), "Compass" (fanfare batucada), "Musica Dal Vivo" (traditional music. Italian), "Novo Nova"
(composition, film music), "Shantaram" (trad jazz quintet eastern europe, compositions), "Elephant leaf "(rock, pop, trip hop),
" Jazz Sweet Jazz "(swing quintet)," Tommy Jr. Baron "(pop AC), "Fun Facts" (various jazz), "Wyld" (jazz quintet, Free-Jazz)
and Tric Trac Trio (Composition, popular music).

Pirly Zurstrassen: accordion, composition

Born in April 58 in Verviers, Pirly Zurstrassen started playing the piano by himself. He composed for theater, dance, television
and for his own groups. He has performed concerts both Europe and Africa and he pulled out a good dozen recordings to her name.

His two current projects are: "Tric Trac Trio", a trio of music for contempopulaire which he uses exclusively the accordion and
"The Fabulous blacks and whites," a show music for children 5 to 95 years.  In addition, he taught the harmony practice, reading,
arrangement and composition in jazz department of the Brussels Conservatory.

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