Artist Management


BYP offers an unique artist management service that takes full advantage of today's digital world. It is covering digital distribution, blockchains usage, internet marketing and artist management. This proposal gives us all the necessary flexibility to develop with the artist the management strategy that corresponds to his objectives, whether it is the production of an album, the tour management, the financialization of the musical activities or the building of the audience.

Digital Distribution

Any music part of the BYP catalog is distributed by The Orchard (Sony Music) leader in digital music distribution. 

The Orchard is empowering labels in 45 markets worldwide.  The distribution includes the usages of microsites to promote music across multiple retailers and the usage of the data analytics for artist management.   Artist keeps 100% of the net income generated from digital distribution up to a ceiling defined on the price of the agreement.  Then 85% when the income is over the defined ceiling.

Blockchains Usage and Benefits

 Take benefits of the blockchains world without the constraints.  Welcome in the Web3!

Our service takes advantage of the web3 revolution by including a computing unit used by BYP all along the duration of our collaboration to provide remunerated services to blockchains.  That income in cryptocurrency is allocated by BYP to support financially the musical activities of the artist contracted.  Electrical costs are included on all offers.

Internet Marketing Management

We propose to manage your digital marketing using the services of Google Ads.  From YouTube to web sites, the administration of the advertisement on that platform is really powerful and flexible, suitable strategies can be considered for an adapted artist management .  

1- Google Ads campaign creation

- List all the keywords and estimate their efficiency

- List all placements (YouTube videos & channels,...) relevant to the activities and project of the artist

- Define audiences to include and exclude

- Configure the geographical zones corresponding to the target strategy defined

- Organize campaigns (calendars & schedules)

- Setting up conversion tracking methods

- Write the ads and their variants

2- Management and optimization all along the year

- Manage the cost of keywords and placements

- Improvement of the ads by the search of new placements

- Improvement of the audience and geographical targets based on the results

- Advertising update

Artist Management

The artist management tasks handled ensure an active support of the artist in its administrative tasks and his tour management.  

- Assist the artist in his administrative steps to the administrations, cultural institutions and Artist’s business partners to ensure the organization and the smooth running of the Artist's performances in the visited countries.

- To provide support to the artist in the drafting and the constitution of files of funding, grants, calls for projects, scholarships.

- Examine all performance proposals made to the artist, assist him and ensure that the proposals do not conflict with the Artist’s interests and include a reasonable remuneration in compliance with industry standards.

- To assist the artist to establish a budget for touring.

- To assist the artist to establish a budget for musical productions.

- To assist the artist to establish a budget for musical promotion.

- To review with promoters and managers of performance venues that the technical conditions for the good execution of the performance of the Artist are met.

- To review with promoters and managers of performance venues that the hospitality and accommodations requirements are met.

- To follow up with the promoters and managers of performance venues for a proper promotion of the concert of the Artist.

- To publish a tour booklet with the information necessary for the smooth running of the tour.


Starting at €229,17 month VAT included.

No charge for encoding or digital delivery.

No recurring fees.

Non-exclusive agreement.

Yearly agreement.

Territory Europe.

Managed Artists

Anders Helmerson

Benoit Martiny

Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen